Early on, attn: helped define how short-form video content could entertain and inform in an engaging format to meet the audience where they were: on social media. Fathom is a regular production partner for attn's white label, branded, and flagship content, all of which address a wide range of social issues.

Throughout our years-long relationship with attn:, we've been trusted to work directly with high profile brands and well-known personalities to deliver impactful and timely issues-driven video. We regularly work on multi-episode video for distribution on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Some productions are intimate profiles and interviews with a skeleton crew, and for others, we're producing entire teams both on-set and on-location.

Real, tangible hope.

Our team helped launch Vice President Joe Biden's IGTV premiere with a series of videos that address a core concern of his audience and provide compelling policy solutions.

Messages for you

We produced dozens of flagship short-form interview and documentary videos with attn: covering a wide range of social issues, including topics like voter registration, frontline COVID workers, wage discrimination, and access to healthcare.

The cost of education

In a video we produced and edited, attn:'s co-founder Matthew Segal sat down with Senator Elizabeth Warren to explore the impact of ballooning student debt and how to deal with its economic effects.

We Need to Talk

We produced an 8-episode season of the Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo's Facebook Watch series about the intricacies and tensions of modern relationships. Each episode is an entertaining dialogue on a particular issue that can arise in a relationship.

“Your dedication to this challenging project was impressive. Thank you so much for your great work; can't wait to work together again!”
Clare Stein
Executive Producer, ATTN