CalSavers is offering millions of employees the ability to start saving for the future. As the state-sponsored retirement program continues to be introduced across California in the middle of the pandemic, Fathom has been tasked to safely produce videos that gain the trust of employers in order to encourage enrollment.

We continue to produce, shoot, and edit this video series from 2020-2021. With the pandemic as an obstacle, Fathom formed new production guidelines that made work safe without compromising quality or time. Since CalSavers is a budding program, Fathom continues to hone the value proposition of CalSavers from the ground up to encourage Californians to save for retirement. We're working closely alongside the CalSavers team to match timelines for their ongoing rollout.

Pandemic Production

Our trips up and down California are marked by quarantining, extreme distancing, reliance on masks and sanitizers, and perk-free travel. We adapted to our circumstances in the midst of the pandemic to safely worked on set and deliver compelling stories while adhering to state guidelines.