Obama Foundation





As a continuation of Barack Obama's personal history, his foundation teaches the principles of community organizing in-person and digitally across the country. This project featured four prominent organizers and speakers from Los Angeles and New York City who connected educational points to lived experience in an entertaining, educational format.

Fathom directed, shot, produced, and edited a nine-part video series aimed at giving new community leaders the tools they need to effect change in their communities. We filmed in-studio and on-location to create an inviting atmosphere, rich with the texture of East LA. Fathom worked with the ATTN:'s animation team to create a lively mixed media experience.

In your community.

This series is paired with written curriculum and online conferencing at Obama.org. The videos serve to anchor abstract ideas by offering the real-world example of a community organizer and one of her mentors as they brought wholesome shopping to an East Los Angeles food desert.

Filming in place.

When it came to filming, we knew we needed to respect the same core values represented in the series. So, we spoke with our subjects, with community leaders, and with organizations to find the right b-roll and locations to truly show the results of the organizers' hard work.

“These videos are outstanding. Thank you for the extra love you put into getting these right. I’m thrilled and I know the team will be too. ”
Online Program Manager, Obama Foundation