My Dad the Bounty Hunter Campaign



Motion GFX


The creators have described their show as "a love letter to animation, science fiction, and Black families rolled into a crazy action-comedy." In honoring their creation, Fathom dreamed big and pitched a comprehensive campaign that included a galactic-themed, live-action game show, music videos, a craft video, and an overall rollout strategy. We delivered on our epic vision while maintaining the family sentiment so vital to the show's theme.

Our team pitched, wrote, produced, and delivered all videos for multiple formats on a tight schedule, which coincided with the show's launch.

Production Logistics

The featured production, a challenge show with influencers Familia Diamond and Famous Tube Family, offered varying logistical challenges that all had to be carefully planned and executed for a single day of shooting on location. We worked with children, abiding by child labor laws, and hired an on-set teacher. We also coordinated a production crew of 20, commissioned and organized transportation of large set pieces, had a four-camera setup (in addition to two drones), and hired and accommodated influencer talent from across the country.

Above & Beyond Design

With the intention of creating an immersive game course, our design team showed off a range of skills. We collaborated with a local community space to transform a retired school gym, hand carved and painted asteroid fields and planetary systems, designed light installations simulating hyperspeed spaceflight, and recreated a life-sized set from the show. These features came together to form a cohesive, high-energy challenge for our talent. 

“Fathom team, you impress me every day but especially today.”
Kristen Khoo
Kid Audience Platform Lead