Nickelodeon Toymation


Set Design  

Motion GFX 


Nick Jr. trusts Fathom to recreate their most popular shows and original YouTube-specific content using our alternative creative vision, brought to life by practical effects and live-action toy play. Toymation inspires kids to make learning fun through a kinesthetic learning style that highlights their favorite Nick Jr. characters, whimsical set designs, and engaging on-screen animations. Through an eclectic mix of production approaches, kids are introduced to the charm of stop motion, forced perspective, puppetry, and projection mapping. 

Ready, Set, BUILD!

Whether original or reimagined, creating a world in miniature is an ability that Fathom has refined and mastered over years of experience. Our approach to Toymation brings the channel to new levels with layered sets and spontaneous creative direction. By using familiar materials and environments accessible to our target audience, we are able to illustrate that even your living room can be the next stage, keeping the brand relevant and accessible to families everywhere.

Toys, toys, toys

For Toymation, Nick Jr. has a collection of iconic characters, many of which come as toys and some of which are fabricated in-house here at Fathom. We work hand in hand with Nick Jr. to ensure consistent brand fidelity while maintaining a homegrown aesthetic. 

Popular toys from brands like Spin Master, Fisher Price, WowWee, and Nickelodeon originals are debuted and showcased through our interpretive storytelling — creating harmony between brand, toy, and at-home play. 


What should we watch next? With Nickelodeon's Rand-O-Mizer videos, Fathom designs, builds, and shoots unique props, machines, and even animations to structure and transition fun compilations of favorite shows.

Each project has presented unique creative challenges. Whether it was projection mapping onto pumpkins, sourcing and customizing a claw machine, or completely designing and building a prop called a "punchbox," Fathom delivered on all levels while weaving in our one-of-a-kind style.