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ringDNA is leading the way in developing AI-powered tools that help sales teams turn leads into customers. Their brand and products stand out in the crowd by placing a strong emphasis on the continuous refinement of the user experience. Working in collaboration with the ringDNA creative team, Fathom developed a massive brand and content site to the exacting specifications of the designers.

We built the content management system to be fully customizable which allows the ringDNA team to create complex, custom pages that always stay on-brand. We adapted the existing stack to a headless WordPress implementation sitting on React with Next.js. In the process, we migrated thousands of content pages to the branded new layouts to keep their SEO edge which is achieved through the value-driven articles, podcasts, case studies, and landing pages they're regularly publishing.

“We're proud of the work and happy that we all got to the other side in a very collaborative manner.”
Carlo Paolo Espiritu
Creative Director, ringDNA