Netflix Family Digital Content




GFX & Animation

From miniature recreations to compilations to crafts and music lyric videos, Fathom does it all for Netflix's Youtube channels Netflix Jr. and Netflix After School. Our ability to adapt to Netflix's needs on given notice has strengthened our partnership, allowing us to pitch and create more intricate and fun content.

Fathom has now delivered dozens of toy play and craft videos and over 300 compilation, clip, and lyric videos.


We dream big even if our characters might be small. Our partnership with Netflix allows us to produce content reimagined or based on some of their most popular kids shows.

When shooting in miniature, every aspect of the production has to evolve and Fathom takes great pride in the creative problem solving where one-to-one solutions aren't available. For Action Pack, a show that had no existing toys, our team created toy versions of all the characters from scratch.

Games, Crafts, Compilations and More!

Netflix regularly leans on Fathom to produce alternative content, including craft videos, hamster mazes, memory games, eye spies, clip compilations, and beyond.

Creating interactive content that engages the audience is an added layer of complexity but a real strength for our studio. Our craft videos both entertain and provide clear instructions, showing our audience step-by-step how to follow along at home.

We even fabricated hamster mazes complete with obstacles for a live hamster to navigate. We worked with animal handlers and Movie Animals Protected (MAP) to ensure the safety of our fluffy talent.

Animation and GFX

We are only limited by what we can imagine. On most projects, there is a need for us to create visual effects in camera or post-production. Fathom consistently combines animation and GFX into our Netflix projects. This can be small, like adding transitions and text on screen, or as complicated as animating an entire storybook using 3D software.